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Digital Sleep Dentistry 4.0TM

Setting new standards in custom sleep appliance production with cutting edge digital technology and materials.

Panthera Dental facility


Panthera Sleep, a division of Panthera Dental, is a world leader in dental sleep appliance design and manufacture. We believe in a continuous commitment to innovation with cutting-edge digital technologies, informed by over 10 years’ experience working with key practitioners to develop a range of appliances that perfectly meet their patients needs.

Panthera Dental facility
Panthera Dental facility

Our Mission

To support our practitioner partners with best-in-class products and services and to help elevate their service to patients – improving efficiency and outcomes while reducing chair time.

Panthera Dental facility

Our Technology

Over the past 10 years we have refined our digital approach, using highly efficient, high-precision CAD/CAM techniques. We continually evolve our proprietary software to deliver the highest- quality, least-invasive and most durable appliances; perfectly adapted to each patient.

  • 5 patents
  • 2 software copyrights
  • ISO 13485 manufacturing facility
Panthera Dental facility
Panthera Dental products

Computer-Aided Design

To ensure the highest quality of production we developed our own proprietary next-generation design software incorporating AI technology for increased speed, precision and unmatched flexibility.

These techniques are continually enhanced to provide unprecedented flexibility in appliances design and to ensure a perfect tailor-made fit for every patient.

Panthera Dental facility

Computer-Aided Manufacturing

We 3D print our oral appliances 24/7 in a fully digital ‘Industry 4.0’ environment where smart technology guarantees high precision, eliminates human error and streamlines production. We can therefore produce appliances faster, more accurately and with a degree of reproducibility that is beyond the capability of traditional manufacturing methods. This helps our dentists to treat patients quicker, with fewer chair side adjustments and with peace of mind.

Proprietary Software Development

Medical Grade Nylon

Panthera’s oral appliances are made from medical grade polyamide type 12 (nylon family) which has the highest level of biocompatibility (USP VI) and is used in invasive medical procedures like neurosurgery.

  • Top end biocompatibility ensure the rarest levels of allergy and intolerances
  • ISO 10933
  • Easy to clean, retains clean white appearance for longer

Proprietary Panthera Dental polishing process

  • Significantly reduced surface porosity
  • Semi-glossy to glossy finish
Panthera Dental facility

What does the industry say about Panthera?

Watch these testimonials featuring real clients that are as passionate as we are about dental, medical and sleep breathing disorder solutions. Find out all the benefits of adding Panthera Dental to your product portfolio.

Panthera Dental products

Latest News

The Panthera D-SAD Classic can now be billed for Medicare beneficiaries using the E0486 HCPCS code when submitting claims.

“It’s a milestone, not just for Panthera Dental, but more importantly for Medicare patients who can now receive a treatment that is truly personalized in a way that can only be achieved by Industry 4.0 manufacturing.”


Peerless solutions for dental, medical and sleep professionals who strive to improve patients’ quality of life.


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